Building Wealth with Notes Workshop
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Discover How to Start Generating the 
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If you miss the workshop, you will miss out on:
  •  How to create real wealth with Real Estate backed Non-Performing Notes
  •  Where to find more capital to fund your deals
  •  How to maximize your success in your Real Estate Note business 
  •  How to avoid pitfalls that could hurt your bottom line
  •  How to create a steady stream of continuous passive income
  •  The hidden power of Real Estate Note Investing
  •  How to be the bank, and make money the way banks do!!!

Three-Day Workshop

Only 50 Seats!

Intimate Small Group

Paige Panzarello

Cashflow Chick

Joseph Hobbs

Tricoma Trust
Thanks for stopping by! My name is Paige Panzarello and
some know me best as the "Cashflow Chick". When most people attend a workshop or seminar, especially one involving Real Estate Investing, they are asked a BIG QUESTION…”What is Your ‘Why’?” Don’t worry, I know this can be a pretty personal question, so instead I like to ask my students, “What is your ‘What’?” Your ‘What’ determines the strategy you use to get the things you seek in your ‘Why’...

- What you think you need?
- What you think you want?
- And, What outline have you created on how to get there?
Paige Panzarello
Why is ‘WHAT’ so important? takes who you are as an investor, with the things you need in order to get to your ‘Why’, and gives you a roadmap on how to get there!
Before I continue... let me share my story with you:

I've been in real estate investing for over twenty years. I've done just about everything there is to do in real estate investing. I've owned a construction company (with over 36 employees), been a property manager (I was not good at this :), invested in tax liens, tax deeds, fix and flip, wholesaling, and believe it or not... have even owned a sewer treatment plant. I've worn many hats as a real estate investor...  

I was making a lot of money at a very young age and honestly, I was feeling pretty successful--at least on the outside. But the truth is, it almost killed me!!! I was working 18-19 hours a day, EVERY DAY, 7-DAYS A WEEK! And I kept that crazy pace up to the crash of 2007-2009. The crash for me was very painful: I call it an incredibly difficult learning experience, but also a blessing in disguise. (Yes, for me it became a blessing!) 

The truth is, I lost over 20 Million dollars! No...I'm not kidding. “Million”, with a capital 'M'! That is a huge number, but you need to see it is only a number. Little did I know then that I was on a path to self destruct--my health was affected, my relationships with family and friends were affected, my mindset was unclear, and my path uncertain. My “blessing” of total loss helped to shape who I am today as a person, and as an investor. I have a clear picture of who I am as an investor and my risk tolerance; I have a clear picture of the type of investing I need to fulfill my “what and why”; I have a clear picture of how I want to treat people, and how I want people to treat me; I have a clear picture of how I can help people, and make money to fulfill my needs at the same time...I would not have had that clear understanding had I not received my “blessing” in 2007. I also would not have met my husband, who is my number one supporter; I would not have been home for family, and I would have missed out on so much more of my own life! 

My blessing forced me to take some time to reflect and ponder--to choose a BETTER and SMARTER strategy for rebuilding my real estate wealth. After a ton of research and through some priceless mentoring, I discovered that investing in Non-Performing Notes fit ALL of my needs as an investor, and would be the path for me to use as my “what” to get to achieve my “why”.  

Here’s why Investing in Non-Performing Real Estate Notes fits all of my needs as an investor:
  •  I buy at a big discount and create equity, thus minimizing my risk, no matter the market condition
  •  I can generate both streams of monthly income and chunks of cash
  •  I can create a long term strategy or a short term strategy
  •  I have freedom and flexibility, and can do this business from anywhere in the world as long as I have a phone and a computer-I am not tied to one location
  •  I control the outcome--I don’t have to rely on others’ performance for my bottom line (profit)
  •  I can mitigate my risk by deploying my capital in different markets in different geographical and economic zones
  •  I have approximately 23 different exit strategies at my disposal
  •  I can HELP PEOPLE in need, keep them in their home, and still make a nice profit doing it!
  •  The list goes on and on...which is why I fell in love with Note Investing!
When you master the art of Real Estate Note Investing, you control your own destiny, or as I like to say, "Your Wealth Destiny". You can solve more problems, for and with people, and make more money doing it! The best part is freedom and fun helping homeowners, and your investors, succeed!! There just isn't anything like it!

I guess you could say I was born to be a Real Estate Note Investor. Holding this special workshop is part of my contribution to helping you answer one simple question: 
“What is Your ‘What’ so you can succeed in your ‘Why’?” 

I hope you'll consider joining me. 

To your success,
What You Will Get At This Workshop!
Once You Understand How to Profit From, "Becoming the Bank", You Can Create a Steady Stream of Passive Income, Or Generate Chunks of Cash, All Through The Power of Note investing!

Here are a few clips of our past workshops...
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What You Will NOT Get:

  •  NO SALES PITCHES. No surprise sales pitches or “run to the back of the room to sign up now” mentoring programs. This is a solid introduction to Building Wealth with Notes. This is a professional event for professional people.
  •  NO INEXPERIENCED INVESTORS who ONLY talk about strategy and theory. We are active Note Investors, and that is our daily Business--we teach our workshop because we want to, not because we have’s our way of giving back! 
  •  NO FENCE SITTERS…. The room will be filled with investors ready to make new relationships and deals. This is a place to associate and network with other note investors, including the Cashflow Chick team.
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Paige Panzarello
Cashflow Chick 
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Building Wealth with Notes Workshop!
This three-day workshop helps investors learn how to Build 
Wealth with Non-Performing Notes and to BECOME THE BANK!
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Success Stories From Investors Just Like You!
Debbie Berger
“I was fortunate to meet Paige and Joseph and attend their note training class this weekend. It was one of the best classes that I’d ever been to. I was intrigued with the amount of information they conveyed and just amazed at what note investing is all about. I feel that the information that they conveyed in the training class has prepared me to start my note investing career. I’m looking forward to working with Paige and Joseph and I am thankful for all of the networking that I was able to do with the students in the class this weekend.” 
"I just attending the conference with Paige and Joseph and I really enjoyed the experience on multiple fronts. First and foremost, as a student investor in Notes, it gave me the opportunity to really open my eyes and broaden my mind as to what Notes can possible mean to me and my family. Secondly, the presentation was such that it made it easy to follow along and grasp the concepts. And third, I enjoyed the environment to meet other investors and learn about programs and websites that I never knew existed. I looking forward in taking the next step to becoming a Note investor."
Tom Jovicich